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The People's War Preview

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Not Quite Home

She sat near the edge of Morwen. It was further out than most of
the elves chose to go, but peaceful. She preferred it over the
busy city and escaped to it often in the few weeks she had been
there. It was raining softly but she didn't mind. The water
hitting the trees above made it easier for her to fall into the
meditative state she desperately needed these days.

While the Elders had kept her secret, she still had all eyes on
her. Laila and Arthur didn't seem to mind nearly as much, but it
was slowly driving Elianna mad. She knew this was a temporary
solution anyways. They would need to stop hiding and start
searching for Cale, Ekon, and Alice if they had any chance at
dethroning Rylan. They would need to prove what really happened
at the Harvest Ball.

She tucked her feet under her and leaned forward, reaching with
her hands until her arms were fully extended and her back
muscles stretched taut. Cale had taught her this stretch, but
the Elders had been the ones to suggest sitting in a prayer
position to help recharge and center herself. She could feel the
positive energy and it became a daily ritual for her. Thinking
of Cale came with this and she wondered if she was going mad
from the attention or because she wanted to leave and find him.
It was hard to think of the possible outcomes of their
situation, but she tried to have faith in Ekon and trust that he
would bring his son and Alice back to them like he promised.

After some time, she sat up and listened to the rain, letting it
soothe her worries before she stood and headed back. She ran
through the trees. Her senses were far more advanced than she
was ever able to realize inside that castle. With room to move,
run, and become accustomed to her powers, they developed
quickly. It also helped that she was able to use her druid
powers inside Morwen. They called her The Druid, rather than use
her name, but they knew she was far more than that. She was one
of the few gifted, but all were free to use their gift making
her secret easier to keep.

As she approached the edge of the tree line, a human lingered
near one of the trees looking out on the villagers. She stopped
and stepped behind an oak, big enough to conceal herself, but
still able to watch the person. He stood for a while, not moving
before turning and heading back into the trees away from the
city. She watched until the person was completely out of sight
before heading to the center of town where the Elders Tower was.

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