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Katherine is a published author with two thirds of her Daiza Trilogy available for purchase on Amazon and three Kindle Vella Stories in progress with live episodes to read. Find more information about where to get her books and episodes below and keep an eye out for upcoming releases and sneak peeks.

Daiza Trilogy

Follow Elianna on her journey through Daiza to root out the evil that's taken over and find herself in the process.

The first two books of the Daiza series are available for purchase on amazon or free on Kindle Unlimited. Click the photo to read the first chapter of each. 


Her Team

Witten under my pen name, this is the first story I started writing on Kindle Vella. Click on the photo for the first three episodes for free. 

Coming 2023: The first 30 episode will be released in a book for purchase.


Rise of the Golden Sun

Also written under my pen name, is my second vella Rise of the Golden Sun. This is slow burn fantasy romance with 8 episodes out to read. Click the photo for the first three episodes free. 

Monthly Writing Prompts

Coming 2023 to Vella!

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